Italy vs France? *YAWN*

They have some of the biggest names in Football. The likes of Viera, Ribery, Anelka, Henry make up some of the talent on show for the French. Their Italian compatriots are no less distinguished; del Piero, Pirlo, Gattuso, Cannavaro and Nesta. However, the very thought of watching these big stars battle it out, just brings tears to my eyes.

No my friends, not tears of joy, but tears that come when one has yawned too much.

Too often, these games between big names just turn out to be defensive tactical battles. So worried are they of making mistakes, that they simply end up playing like Houllier's one side Liverpool teams. I can just imagine the team talk:

"Everyone behind the ball! Wingers, dont you dare do any winging, just tuck into center midfield! Strikers, we don't need you anywhere near the enemy goal, just run back and get behind the f****** ball! We're gonna whoop them 5-0 with an amazing tactic like this boys!!! They'll never know what hit them!!! HOO HAAA!!"

Ah yes, international football, it is a cauldron of intense excitement. Yay. Frankly speaking though, i'd rather watch Mexico.

They may not have won much lately, but they will be soon. Awesome open attacking team play, and they do not have big stars, other than Rafael Marquez, but they do have some players with the potential to be superstars; Nery Castillo and dos Santos.

Prediction: Italy 1 - France 1

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