Zlatan, a clone of Zidane gone wrong?

If it wasn't for his tempermental and volatile nature, Zlatan Ibrahimović would probably be up there are the greatest strikers of this generation. He is a bit Zidane-ish in his stature, as in physically he is a huge monster, but with an amazing array of bamboozling skills.

He's actually Swedish, and if you're wondering, "Whats up with that funky un-Swedish name?", the answer is he is of Bosnian and Croation descent.

Its interesting to note that during an international match against Holland on August 18, 2004, Ibrahimovic injured fellow Ajax teammate Rafael van der Vaart, which led the Ajax side to disfunction after van der Vaart accused the Swede of injuring him on purpose. This led to Ibrahimovic's sudden sale to Juventus on August 31, 2004, the final day of the summer transfer window. A classic example of his attitude and temperament.

Nevertheless, his skills and talent are undoubtable. Take a peek at his dazzling skills in this clip below

I'm gonna be watching this clip a few times, memorizing every twist and turn, and hopefully i'll be able to reproduce it on the futsal pitch the next time i play. I'll end up either dazzling all my friends or falling flat on my a**.

P.S thanks for the clip Sangy!

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