Why do they call him Fat Frank? Is Frank really Fat?

Tis the eternal question which has been doing ballerina dances in the nether regions of my conscious and subconscious thoughts. No, i don't have wet dreams about Fat Frank. Shuddup, stop snickering!

Back to the question! Is Frank really fat? I never really got a good view of him without his shirt (that sounds so gay), so i did what any sane person would do. I Googled.

These are the search phrases i used:

  • fat frank
  • frank lampard abs
  • frank lampard shirtless
As i was typing that last google phrase, a strange sensation swept over me. Then it hit me as i was viewing the pages and pictures. I felt gay but not the happy kind. "I hope my colleagues don't see me looking at this picture of Fat Frank's naked upper half!" Hahah! But anyways, after much googling, and much ALT-TABS on my keyboard, i have managed to discover the truth! Behold my readers:

Hmm, i've scrutinized every inch (is that the only way i can word this?) of these 2 pictures and all i have to say is:

If he is fat, then i wanna be fat too!

However, this isn't the end of this truth seeking adventure. No laddies, there is one shocking image that i discovered, that could explain the legend of the 'Fat Frank'. Dare i say it, tis the Holy Grail of Football. Just seeing and knowing the truth will enlighten you and give you the peace of a million wise men.

Click here, if you dare!


darylyeak said...

I think they call him fat because of his ass. It does kinda stick out of his shorts and seem rather flabby and blubbery sometimes. Especially when he's lining up a free kick, that's when you get the best view. haha! that felt so gay.. sheesh..

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

haha..his ass? damn, i thought i would have noticed that..crap, that felt so queer too..hahaha

I shall take notice next time of fat franks arse, but just barely, with only one eye open...