Liverpool branded ugly team by Real boss

Bernd Schuster seems to have started the psychological warfare early this round. My guess is that he can get away with such arrogant comments, because his team just whooped Villareal 5-0. Now, Villareal are no pushovers, and anyone who watched that game knows that they played some great stuff as well, but were just outplayed by Real's devastating counter-attacks.

Ah, lets get this psychological party started eh?

But Mr.Schuster doesn't seem to have watched any of Liverpool's game this season, as he says this:

"Liverpool rely on an unattractive style of football. They are an ugly team to play," Schuster told The Sun.

"Look how they gave Barcelona a going-over last season, when they knocked them out of the Champions League.

He probably didnt notice Liverpool outplay Chelsea, stick 4 past Toulouse and slam 6 goals past Derby County.

I wonder if the goateed-one a.k.a Rafa Benitez will respond to this, but in all likely hood he will say the same old thing , "Real Madrid are a good team, and Mr.Schuster is a good coach, but i don't want to talk about other teams, i prefer to talk about my own team".
Its either that or...

"Burn in hell motherf*****!!!".

Anyone willing to wager a pint on a "Real Madrid vs Liverpool" Champions League Final? Ah, Football, tis why we love thee.

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