The seem to play better with 10 men, eh?

I remember the commentator mentioning that since the time Arsene Wenger took over until now, 69 Arsenal players have been sent off. However, they are the only team i've seen that play better with 10 men than with 11.

Arsene's studiously plotting and scheming

In a peculiar way, i wonder if this has made them better at handling the loss of player during a match. Take for example last weekends game against Portsmouth. No doubt, they were already leading 2-0 at that time, but Portsmouth are no pushovers. They're a decent team and are capable of upsetting any one of the Big Four on their day.

However, it didnt happen. Through the mercurial Kanu they did get a goal back, but it was a one in a million fluke goal. At that point, you'd think Portsmouth would go on to batter the Arsenal goal. But the complete opposite occurred.

Arsenal continued to dominate, and scored another goal to make it 3-1.

Arsene's simply overjoyed that another one of his players got sent off

Ultimately, i believe that Arsenal are the only team that can play better with 10 men, because of their style of play, and the players they have always had. Arsene's preference for players who have nimble footwork and lighting quick makes it easy for them to pull everyone back and just hit the opponent on the counter attack.

The thought of playing against an 11 men Arsenal is daunting, but unless you are leading the match, playing against an Arsenal team with 10 men, is simply impossible.

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