WENGER: English game losing soul

Arsene Wenger has admitted serious fears for the future of English football.

The Arsenal manager believes the domestic game in England is in danger of being severely damaged by mass media coverage and new club ownership.

Arsenal are themselves reported to be the takeover target of Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov and Wenger insists the increasingly business orientated ownership of English clubs is another damaging factor.

"English football is losing his soul," Wenger told The Sun. "Fans are the keeper of our football.

"But the first signs of danger are there to see. Stadiums are starting to empty, TV channels and radio stations are overcrowded with football.

"There is a kind of overdose looming.

"Suddenly the English model has gone from owner-supporters to owner-businessman.

"The danger wasn't there yesterday but it's there today. Of course you can have business integrated into the sport while still respecting the values of football.

"However perhaps it is time for people to worry."

(Courtesy: www.football365.com)

Frankly speaking, i think Wenger has a point, but its not as though these clubs had a choice in going down the foreign business ownership road. No no my readers. There is ONE person to blame for this, and he is that very expressionless Russion billionaire up at Chelsea.

As soon as he came into EPL, everything changed. Suddenly the prices of players became inflated. Wages inflated. Chelsea could buy anyone and everyone, and were above everything as they tapped up the best talent on the planet. Abrahimovich's coming was like an asteroid hitting the planet. Everything's went crazy and now that the dust has settled, clubs have realised they need to get money from somewhere to compete.

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