The Real Reasons Raúl Will Not Play For Spain

Raúl González has little chance of playing for Spain again under Luis Aragonés after he was part of a clique of veterans that openly criticised the coach during the World Cup Finals last year, according to a report.

The Real Madrid captain has not played for the national team for a year and as calls for his return grow louder, AS believe that they have uncovered the reasons behind his omission.

Alongside players such as Santiago Cañizares and Michel Salgado, complaints were made about training methods and team choices and it was the creation of that divide which led to Raúl being left out.

AS state that the problems started, curiously, after Spain had beaten Ukraine 4-0 in the World Cup Finals and Raúl and Cañizares were caught on television remonstrating with members of the coaching staff.

Cañizares even explained himself to AS after the tournament and stated that he objected to the goalkeepers using tennis balls in training.

In the win against Tunisia, Spain's second group game, Raúl scored, but was then substituted and while pouring wine at his table that evening at a team dinner stated loudly: "I think I am only at the World Cup to be a waiter".

The third game saw Aragonés claim he was using his second choice players against Saudi Arabia and upset Raúl further by naming him in that starting side.

Aragonés was unimpressed with the group that were openly critical of him and was quoted as stating: "The veterans are trying to take me on in an arm-wrestling match."

After losing to France in the elimination phase, two or three of most vociferous critics went from room to room back at the hotel asking: "Let's see what the coach has to say now he has lost this game and we are out of the World Cup playing with these playmakers."

The playmakers jibe came after Aragonés named Xavi, Xabi Alonso and Cesc Fàbregas in the midfield at the expense of a defensive midfielder to win the tackles.

All this led to rumours that the coach had said in private that he had pinpoited two players who had given him enough reasons to expel them from the squad.

That was denied, but what is now true if that since the defeat against Northern Ireland brought matters to a head neither player have ben chosen again.

(Courtesy: goal.com)

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