The Dissapointment that is Robinho

Revolution seems to be somewhat of an overused word in footballing terms. It always seems to crop up whenever a new manager gets installed. More recently though, this word seems to follow whenever cash rich philantropist take over ownerships of a club.

The latest club to go through this revolution is Manchester City.

Right now, Man City are occupying the dizzying position of ermm....21st place? Some revolution. Ok, in all fairness to them, the team hasnt changed much from the one which Sven Goran Eriksson was in charge of. Only 2 notable buys since Mark Hughes took over and that was Robinho and Jo. Thus far, i will say that they have been flops, no matter how many goals Robinho has scored. I don't think i need to elaborate on Jo's performance, its pretty self explainatory. When's the last time he made any positive headlines?

Robinho's whole Machester City season (who's betting its going to be his only one with them?) has been littered with goals, but the distinction being that they were not match winning or match changing goals. These goals came primarily against weaker opposition, and not against opposition with much tougher defences. So far, his performances also seem to be akin to a bystander, somewhat who is just flowing with the tide of the match. If the match is going bad for Man City, his game flusters. If Man City are winning, he awakes from his slumber and plays as if he might be enjoying himself

Robinho is not the Fabregas, Rolando or the Gerrard of his team. For the amount of money they paid for him, you'd think he'd be doing more.

Perhaps i'm being a tad harsh, it is after all his first season. I'll be very happy to be proven wrong, but somehow i doubt the bratty moneyloving Brazillian will.

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