Welcome back to fantasy football!

Wow. Its been more than a year since my last post. Piles of virtual dust has settled on my small piece of internet property here, creating a sort of ghost town. Time to bring out the dust busters and whip this place up into a football frenzy fiesta thats fit to host high quality ramblings and manager tantrums!

(If you didnt understand all that, please bare with me. I need to dust off my vocabulary and grammatical skills, which has been in recession due to excessive overdose of the good stuff and mental trauma. I'll leave you to decide what the good stuff is)

Now that i've escaped the initial hysteria of blogging again, lets come back down to earth and talk football shall we. But those damned Manchester City owners are hell bent on letting be believe that fantasy football is possible! Damn you, you Arab Billionaires!


Kaka is one hell of a player, but no person is worth that much! I'm sorry all your Man City fans out there, i'm sure you'd love to see Kaka in your colours, but this well into the realms of insanity. The transfer market is spiraling out of control with all these billionaires trying to play fantasy football. On top of that, its reported that he has been offered 500,000 pounds a week? Ridiculous!

I thoroughly understand the need for professional sport players to be payed high wages. After all, their careers rarely live past the age of 30. But 500,000 pounds a week? Again, let me say it. Ridiculous!

We need to get a grip on things and protest such absurdity. Do you know how many people can be helped from hunger, famine, war with 100 Million Pounds and a weekly donation of 500,000 pounds a week?

Football is just entertainment. And if we live in a world where our billionaires would rather spend 100 Million pounds and 500,000 pounds a week on entertainment, instead of using all this money to help the poor and the helpless, then i dont know what to say.

On second thought, i do know what to say, fuck these billionaires. You are all single handedly killing football and killing our souls.

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