Do ManYoo really need a new striker?

This EPL season has started out quite strangely. Thus far, its been a very very unpredictable and refreshingly different one. None of the BIG FOUR are setting the pace, but that infamous line keeps coming back to mind, "Its still early days".

Early days it may be, but everyone seems to think that Manchester United are in a spot of bother, mainly in their striking department. The prevailing mode of thought is that Manchester United need a general out-and-out striker, someone who can hold the ball, be a target man, and bring others into play, or else they are not going to retain the Premier League crown. They need a natural 20 goal a season striker.

Surely, the main evidence to support this was last weeks 1-0 loss to perennial intercity arch-rivals Manchester City!

But i think everyone is just getting a wee bit panicky. I for one, DO NOT think that they need a new striker. All they need to do, is a little bit more luck (or maybe lady luck is finally picking a new team this season) in front of goal. They also need to get Tevez 100% fit, and keep him fit until Rooney, Ronaldo and Saha can get back into action.

Though they lost 1-0 to Man City, in actually, if they actually put away half of the chances, Man Utd would have run out comfortable winners with a 1-3 scoreline.
It was plain to see that Man City were played off the park in that game, and if not for the god-like defending of Dunne and Richards, they probably would have lost.

So, if i was Sir Alex, i wouldn't panic, but just get Tevez fit and put in a bit more shooting practice sessions for the lads.

What do you think?

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