Malaysia lose to Myanmar. Normal la this one!

In yesterdays Merdeka Cup game, Malaysia lost 2-1 to Myanmar, who are the defending champions, to miss out on a place in the semi-finals of the tournament.

Those foreign workers in South Pacific Restaurant, PJ, must be very happy! (MENTAL NOTE: Don't bring up the football topic the next time i'm eating there and chatting with them)

Barely 10 minutes into the game, Malaysia were down to 10 man when Safee Sali was red carded by Thai referee Chaiya Alee Mahapab for elbowing his marker Zaw Lynn Tun.

Myanmar went on to take a 2-0 lead before Malaysia pulled one back in the 69th minute through Zaquan Adha Razak.

Malaysia loses again, and i guess we should just be happy for that 'normal' scoreline. Thank the heavens for that!

The state of the Malaysian Football scene has been debated about a million times by now, if not more. It doesn't matter who takes the blame or who fires himself every year from the FAM. Bottom line is, we need to change our mentality, and stop government officials from interfering with all things sport related.

Argh! I'm getting started up on this again. I'll shut up now.

Malaysia Boleh!
Malaysia Boleh meh?


vincent said...

I remember you!

You're that idiot I ticked off once upon a time. So here I go again.

Some 'fan' you are.

Firstly, we are NOT out of it you moron. There is a final game against Lesotho (where ever the hell that is). And secondly, we lost because we played 89 minutes with 10 men - which replays clearly showed was a wrong decision by the referee.

Go fuck yourself. With 'fans' like you, no wonder our national team sucks so bad.

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

I remember you! You're that opinionated moron who can't stand for the opinions of others. Oh well, here we go again.

Firstly, you ARE absolutely right. We are still in it, my bad.

Secondly, i clearly mentioned we were down to 10 men, inside the first 10 minutes of the game.

Thirdly, asking me to f*** myself, as you so eloquently put it, isn't a very good argument to make a point. With fans like you, no wonder our national team sucks. All you can say is "go f*** yourself"

Thanks for visiting my new blog though!