PSV Eindhoven want Malaysian defender Mohd Asraruddin Putra Omar!

PSV Eindhoven were very impressed with one of our own young pups during the Champions Youth Cup, which was recently held here in Malaysia.

I feel very proud when i read such things, as it shows that we Malaysians have got what it takes! Off course, Asraruddin will need to put in a lot of hard work, but i think its a great compliment to him that he impressed a major European football team.

Asraruddin, a leftback in the Under-19 squad in the CYC, is the team's vice-skipper and took over the captain's armband from the injured Bunyamin Omar in the match against PSV.

By all accounts, he had a marvellous game, so much so that PSV are offering him the opportunity to attend a two-week stint at the club with the intention of joining the club's youth programme.

I hope he takes this chance and actually makes the best of it. I also really hope that he puts all his effort into it, and work his socks off. Opportunities like these only come once in a while.


Ah_Mike said...

Great to know that Malaysians footballers can still play football. At least, the youngsters la.

Now for Man United to pick a lucky Malaysian footballer for a stint :)

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

We deffinately have the talent. Past few years i;ve read of a few of our youth players getting invited to train in top European leagues. Don't think anything ever panned out though, such a shame.

Im hoping this guy gets through though...

By the way, im guessing that you wish you were that "lucky Malaysian", eh?

anthraxxxx said...

Yeah, it's better to try his luck in Europe rather than to rot in the current Super League system.