There will never be another babyfaced assassin quite like him

The baby faced assassin strikes !

If any players deserves a testimonial match, its Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The man has guarenteed himself legend status with the Old Trafford faithful for all his 126 goals. The one which he will be most remembered for was that winning goal in the 1999 Champions League Final against Bayern Munich.

Here was a player, that everyone liked, including opposition fans. Maybe it was his humble attitude, never complaining, or maybe its just his baby faced looked. Whatever it was, i feel sad for the dude, to end a career like that, because of injury but not every player gets to end their career on a high, and do a 'Zidane'.

He may be 34, but he still looked extremely fit and i'm sure ManUtd will miss him, especially this season where they need someone of his class, skill and natural predatory instincts.

I can't believe that he has played for ManUtd for 11 years now! How time has passed, it still feels like I've just watched him play for the first time, and now he has retired.


zewt said...

he is the best finisher behind nistelrooy in the last decade... and now... should never have let rossi go.

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

Thats not a hard thing to believe, he was an expert poacher!

Heck don't even talk about Rossi, they shouldn't have even let Alan Smith go!