Arsene's Arse-anal statistics

Total* 621 361 145 115 1115 563
Percentage 100 58.13 23.35 18.52 1.8 0.91

The table above makes tough reading, but simply put, in Arsene's 621 games with Arsenal, he has won 361 games, drawn 145 and lost 115. All in all his Arsenal side have scored 1115 goals while conceding 563. It gets even more interesting when we convert these stats to percentages, as you can see.

"Arsene who?" was the headlines when he arrived in '96 (Courtest: arsenal.com)

Overall, he has won approximately 60% of his games whils only lost 20%. The average goal per game ratio is 1.8 while average goal conceded per game is 0.91. My first reaction to this was, " only 1.8 goals a game?". Its like saying on average, Arsenal wins their games 2-1.

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P.S apologies to all Arse fans out there for the subjectline, i just couldn't help it. I'm sure you've heard worse than that before anyway :)

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