What? Khairy Jamaluddin new Deputy President of FAM?

I am totally shocked and outraged by this. All i want to know is, what does our esteemed Umno Youth deputy chief know about developing and promoting soccer in this country? What are his qualifications? Can someone enlighten me?

While incumbent Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin lost by just two votes in the hotly-contested battle for the post of vice-president, Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin won one of the two deputy presidents’ posts unopposed. (Courtesy: thestar.com.my)

Well, i think the journalists probably wondered the same thing as i did, but this was the only response that Khairy provided:

“We have a team with plenty of new faces. I would like to work with them to find ways to improve football,” he said. (Courtesy: thestar.com.my)

Wow. Mind Blowing stuff dude.

Overall thought, there was not much changes as
His Royal Highness Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah has been returned as the president of the FA of Malaysia (FAM) for the 2007-2010 term. The other new faces, who filled up the vice-presidencies are Datuk Che Mat Jusoh (president of the Terengganu FA), Affandi Hamzah (vice-president of the Kelantan FA), Ahmad Mohamad (deputy president of the Johor FA) and Datuk Gulzar Mohamad (council member of the Sarawak FA). (Courtesy: fam.org.my). I guess those dudes should know a thing or 2 about football, so all is not lost.

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