Crouch or Heskey? Why not both!

Your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, you read right, i think England should play BOTH Heskey and Crouch. I've given credit to McClown in my previous post, for being bold, and as they say, fortune favors the bold, so again i make reference to this phrase. Can McClown be twice a fortunate man and make England play a bold and outrageous attack, and WIN?

Think i'm full of shite, and have played too much Championship Manager, don't you? Well, you may be 100% right, but think about this formation:






The defence is nothing new. Robinson is only playing because there is no one better. Calamity James is prone to blunders in the big games.

I've opted for a 3 man midfield, anchored by the tireless Hargreaves. With him sitting in that, he is able to provide cover while Gerrard and Barry bomb forward. Furthermore, Gerrard and Barry are very comfortable drifting to wide positions and creating other angles of attack

Some defenders say its impossible to play against Heskey as he is just so powerful. Other say that because of Crouch's gangly height and awesome skills, he's just as unplayable. So why not stick them both in front? Then let little Mickey Owen have a free role and let him roam wherever he pleases while the opposition defence gets battered to death by the combined power of Heskey and Crouch.

It is also possible to mix and match this strange looking attack. Owen can be moved up front to partner Crouch with Heskey dropped to the bench, while someone more accustomed to playing in the 'hole' like Joe Cole and Rooney can be given that role.

Ultimately though, i think its a pretty decent idea, but realisticly speaking, McClown should stick with the original team and tactics that won so comprehensively against Israel. Maybe if things go horribly wrong, then he can try out my idea. As they say, if it aint broke, don't fix it.


Gallivanter said...

If England beat Russia, there will be talks that this is the BEST England team ever. LOL.

The English will never admit that their team is grossly overrated.

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

hahaha...that doesn't sound very far fetched actually.

I think those English have been brainwashed by about 90% of the media, that just wants everyone to believe England are the greatest. Of late, i think even you have noticed, a few media, notably only media websites that openly admit to the English team being grossly exxagerated. hehehe... thats why i like football365.com.