Does McClown really need Gerrard to beat Israel?

The news on most soccer pages these past week has been about whether or not Gerrard will play on Saturday. Now that Lampard has been 100% ruled out, this question has taken gargantuan like significance in the grand scheme of all things "ENGLAND", well at least in terms of football.

But honestly, lets compare the world rankings:

12 England England

33 Israel Israel

Ok, i would have expected Israel to be much lower than that, so that is indeed news for me. Every knowledgeable fan knows that football on the international stage is very very tight and tricky. Rarely do we see cricket like (e.g. 32-12) scores, but more like the usual 1-0's, 2-1's bla bla bla.

What this means is that international games should never be taken lightly, no matter the opponent. Even more so for a country that is ranked 33 in the world.

Possibly McClown's initial expression when posed the question "Can England beat Israel without Gerrard?"

But, do Israel really have the players to beat top sides? Well, other than Tal Ben Haim and Yossi Benayoun, i'm hard pressed to find anyone that are in the 'world class' standard of a few of the English players.

Furthermore, the English players all play in the best league in the world, the EPL. We expect NOTHING LESS than a Liverpool v Derby scoreline, don't you agree?

But wait, hold on just a minute there partner. 'World class' English players you say?


I think everyone has come to the realization that the England team are just severly overrated. The only world class players in my opinion are Gerrard, Rooney, Ashley Cole and Terry (and possibly Hargreaves). Lampard is the most overrated of them all. I still don't know why he gets called Fat Frank, but he should be kept on the bench as backup for Gerrard. I won't go into detail about that, as i need a whole new different post to discuss that.

Center midfield is where majority of games are won and lost. This is not to say that the other players are insignificant. Quite the contrary actually. They are important cogs in any well oiled machine, but the machine is utterly useless if its Engine (center midfielders) are a bunch a fat pussies.

England need the explosive power and determination of the Liverpool captain.

With Hargreaves also in doubt, i shudder to think who will be the center midfield combination; Carrick & Barry? Now there's a 'World Class' partnership there, eh? There's a combination that gonna overpower a country ranked 33 in the world, eh?

McClown knows this, and is shitting bricks in the anticipation that Gerrard will be fit and available. He might go so far as to take a big risk and give him those pain injections. McClown knows he can't afford anything other than a comprehensive win, and with Gerrard in the side, that fantasy become that much closer to a reality.

McClown needs Gerrard.

England needs Gerrard.


Gallivanter said...

Agreed - England is SEVERELY OVERRATED!

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

Somehow, i had a feeling you'd be the first to post and AGREE with me!