Mascherano finds his mojo

Its been a strange but no doubt fairy tale 6 months for Javier Mascherano. At West Ham, he was unable to even get a game, but cue Rafa Benitez and he brings him to Liverpool, where Javier gets to play in the Champions League final.

Benitez was desperate to sign the man Maradona dubbed 'The Monster', so much so that he paid a personal un-announced visit to Javier's flat, and mesmerized him to join Liverpool.

"Then Mascherano received a knock on the door of his apartment in London's Docklands. It was Rafael Benitez. The Liverpool manager turned up unannounced and wanted to know why Mascherano had chosen the Stadio Delle Alpi ahead of Anfield. Over the next four hours Benitez talked to Mascherano as no coach had talked to him before, and the 22-year-old was utterly mesmerised. He also changed his mind. He would now try to join Liverpool."

(Courtesy: The Independent)

In his latest interviews with Liverpoolfc.tv, Javier appears to have found his mojo, and is extremely happy with his new team mates and club

"I'm very happy. I got to play in a lot of games for Liverpool last season, and important games too. I played in a Champions League final - amazing. Also the semi-final against Chelsea, that was special. It all happened so quickly for me, so yes, I'm very pleased. Things couldn't have gone better."

"When you are not getting a game for West Ham and the Liverpool manager is talking about you, you can't believe it. It is for this reason I am very happy here."

"I arrived at West Ham and was in another country with another language and a different culture. It's a lot easier here because the manager is Spanish. I can talk with him, though not a lot because he likes to speak English. The lessons are going well, but I find that here in Liverpool the people are hard to understand. Scousers - it's very difficult." (hahaha)

"I can hear them sing it and it makes me feel good. Like you said, I've been here just six months, so to have the fans sing my name already is just great. The Liverpool fans are fantastic – I have never seen anything like them at Anfield. No other fans sing like them, it's incredible"

"Carra is talking and Jermaine Pennant is always happy. He is very funny."

"I don't have one. Arbeloa has one: we call him 'Vareta Fly'. I don't know why, I think that's just what they call him in Spain. We call John Riise 'Ginger'"

(Click here to read the full interview with 'Monster')

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