Elmo to take over as Chelsea Manager.

Now that the hot seat is vacated, i wonder who will be the one to take over. Eclipsing the 'Special One's' accomplishments will be no mean feat. However, a few interesting characters could possible make it. But there can be only one, at it will be Elmo.

You either love him or hate him. I think Chelsea will love him. Firstly, he's a puppet. The likes of Abrahimovich, Kenyon and Arnesen will have no problems in pulling this puppets string. No more disgruntled behaviour, no more snide insinuating remarks. No sir, this little red thing will love nothing more than to have his every actions controlled no. Furthermore, Elmo is so loveable, from the small baby size porportions to the cute tone of voice, and the way he enjoys doing the simple things like flying kites, will bring some much needed feel good factor back to the Chelsea camp.

A winning combination

Under Mourinho's time, there was a feeling that the club was very much closed minded, and that everyone else is inferior. They lived by their own rules as well as imposed their rules on others. But with Elmo at the helm, they can CONTINUE to do all that, but people won't care so much because Elmo is cute.

As for the players, well, they are all world class players anyway, why would they need someone with the tactical nous and man management skills of Mourinho? Are you telling me that if you lumped 11 world class players on a pitch, they wont have the intelligence to sort themselves out?

All in all, i don't see any other more qualified candidate other than Mr.Elmo. He is the puppet for the job.


shireen said...

well said, my lord! But..but my lord, don't you think that now elmo has to change colour from red to blue? you know, to complete the whole puppet look? :D

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

Hahaha! You are absolutely right! Wouldn't look so good him being the colour of their rivals..eh

Gallivanter said...

Elmo might just be the manager they need to change their players style of play and annoy all the opponents to death that they'll give away the match willingly.

First signing - Barney the Purple Dinosaur

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

yea, barney would make a good partner for terry at center defence.

After that..hmm...the smurf's? theyre all blue anyway....haha