Mourinho sacked? Good news for Tottenham!

Soccernet has 2 contrasting headlines on their mainpage this morning. But nevertheless, its major news, but one which i think was coming for a long time. I was actually planning to pen something about how i think this season would be Mourinho's last, not because he was lacking as a manager, but because the club was not allowing him to BE a manager.

Moaninho sacked or leaves on own accord?

No one can question his ability as a manger. Winning the EPL in his first season with a team comprising of great players that were NOT his own players. What i mean by this is that he largely inherited that team, but only brought in 1 or 2 players. Then winning it again in his 2nd season was even more impressive, as it is no mean feat to retain the EPL crown.

But of late, many things seem to be happening at Chelsea which seem to be undermining Mourinho's control of the club. Niggly comments from the likes of Peter Kenyon especially. Also the appointment of Frank Arnesen as sporting director was highly suspicious. It is widely acknowledged that Mourinho never wanted Ballack and Shevchenko, and they were probably brought without his consent. These 2 aging superstars was somewhat contradictory to the type of players he brings in; young and talented.

In any case, Mourinho is now out of a job, but don't expect this to last for long. The Board Of Directors of top clubs around the world would have noticed, and least of all the Tottenham Board.

Mr.Nice guy may be out of a job soon

Mourinho would fit in perfectly at Tottenham. All due respect to Martin Jol, who has done a tremendous job there, but now they need someone to take them to the next level, and few would doubt that the Special One has got what it takes.


shireen said...

oh..this is just too sad of a news..:( He did a great job with Chelsea. Oh well, I'm sure he will do fine where ever he goes.

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

Sad for Chelsea fans, really. If i were one, i'd feel so betrayed. Sure Mr.Billionaire pumped in all the money, but Mourinho was the one that got the team all that silverware.

ANyways, you're right though, he'll be a great manager wherever he goes.