Savage: Arsenal are hypocrites

Gunners striker Robin van Persie attacked Mark Hughes' side after the Premier League clash at Ewood Park in August, claiming that a Rovers player had trodden on Cesc Fabregas' neck, and that Blackburn players had 'crossed the border' of acceptability in their play.

Arsene Wenger went on to claim after the match that Rovers had a 'desire for violence'.

Relations between the two clubs have been strained ever since the bruising 2005 FA Cup semi-final, when Andy Todd conceded a penalty with a forearm smash on van Persie.

And now the claims of both van Persie and Wenger have riled Savage, who said: "Wenger is a great manager and van Persie is a great player but they give as good as they get.

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Lets not kid ourselves here. Savage, as we all know, stays true to his name, and as i've mentioned in a previous post, Mark Hughes has built a very combative Blackburn team. They deffinately give more than they get, especially when Arsenal come visiting.

van Persie: talented striker or whiny cry baby?

Its common knowledge anyways, thanks to Sam Allardyce's Bolton, that Arsenal stop playing when they get roughed up. Its a tactic, and Blackburn are merely guilty of making use of that tactic.

What do you think? Does van Persie have a point or is he just a big cry baby?

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