Steve Mclaren, bold or desperate?

The shock recall of Emile Heskey and the surpise inclusion of Joleon Lescott has deffinately shocked everyone. So whats gotten into Mclaren? Has he lost his marbles or does the inclusion of these 2 players actually bode well for England?

The Good
  1. Emile Heskey has actually scored 5 international goals, which is more than the combined total for Alan Smith, Jermaine Defore and Andy Johnson. (Off course, its worth noting that even their combined number of caps is no where near Heskey's 43 caps, but we don't really care about that do we?)
  2. Heskey's in not really to score goals anyway, but mainly to partner Owen up front. Owen always scores more, and plays better when partered with a big unselfish brute. Heskey's frame will cause a lot of problems for opposition defenders and allow Owen more time and room to do damage.
  3. Heskey's actually having a stormer of a season, and looks hungry
  4. Lescott has proved his class time in an average Everton team, making the transition from First Division to Premier league look seamless. He's even outscoring Andy Johnson at Everton. Is there any other English defender (who isnt retired or injured) that is playing better and more consistently than Lescott?
The Bad

  1. Heskey can't score for nuts, and he tends to fall down on his a** a lot and look like a clumsy bull.
  2. Can England cope without both Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, with a strikeforce of Owen and Heskey?
  3. Is there anything bad to say about Lescott, other than this picture below:


Gallivanter said...

Here's to England winning the world up in 3 centuries time! OLE!

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

hahaha...is that a prediction? Can i bet on that anywhere?

You're probably right anyway. hahaha