Wenger - Why Fabregas reminds me of Paul Scholes

"I made a tape of him last year and you wouldn't believe how many chances he had, in some games he had three! When he was a young boy he scored goals and that's a nice disease to have, sometimes it disappears but it always comes back when you are mature. He has a lot of characteristics of Paul Scholes I think. Frame, intelligence in the game, passing ability, knowing when to go in the box. He's only 20, people forget that."

Fabregas (left) celebrates with team mate Adebayor (right)

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Personally, i think little Fabregas has really improved this season, especially in terms of leadership. He's shown immense maturity (which everyone has talked about to death), and more than that, he is scoring goals now. Its going to be important that he continues to do so, especially when they have no 20+ goal a season striker a.l.a Henry.

On a side note, though Fabregas has a long way to go to emulate the achievements of Scholes, there is something that he has which Scholes lacks.

Fabregas can tackle.

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