Which idiot voted for Phil Neville?

The recently concluded online polls was quite surprising. Generally, the public was generally split and undecided on who occupy the other center midfield berth and partner Stevie G. 44% voted for Hargreaves while another 44% voted for Barry. When you think about it though, Hargreaves had proved himself during the World Cup, and Barry's recent endeavours in the 2 Euro 2008 qualifiers, perhaps it is not quite so surprising.

Personally, i believe Hargreaves should get the nod, because he has had more experience in top flight football ; German league, Champions League at his time with Bayern Munich. Also, he is more suited to playing the tough tackling anchor role, whereas Barry is more of a defensive playmaker type. When playing against top top teams, a defensive playmaker is a luxury England cannot afford.

However, the bigger question is, WHICH IDIOT VOTED FOR PHIL NEVILLE?

Maybe Phil voted for himself

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