Who wants a free Liverpool jersey?

A friend of mine (lets call her Cheryl) recently bought for her boyfriend (lets call him Redondo) a Liverpool jersey for his birthday. Little did she realise, that my friend Redondo was actually a closet Chelsea fan. He started coming out of the closet when Chelsea starting winning stuff.

Well now Redondo the ultra fanatical ex-closet Chelsea fan is stuck with a jersey he can never wear, unless Liverpool win the league and he converts into a Liverpool closet fan. Thus he has given me the jersey, but alas it just isn't quite my size. Click the flash slideshow below to check out the jersey for yourself!

So, what can i do with a Liverpool jersey i can't wear? Give it away la!!! But there's a catch, you gotta do something to win it. All you got to do is :

  1. Be the FIRST to accurately predict the score of Liverpool's upcoming Champions League game versus FC Porto.
  2. Send your answers to offsidela@gmail.com with the subject giveaway20070917. The game will be shown on Astro Channel 81 (ESPN), 2:30am 19th September 2007.
  3. If you are a fellow blogger, do let me know your details (nickname,blog URL) so i can give you some shameless publicity as well.
  4. If you do win it, Offsidela! would like to request (we say request, but we really mean demand!) a little shameless publicity in return. Nothing fancy really, maybe 20 posts about how we're better than Soccernet, or how Offsidela! has improved your sex life. Simple stuff.

Its easy isn't it? So, send your emails in now and i will announce the winner sometime next year. Ok, not next year, but on the 21st September 2007. You're probably asking why i can't announce it the very next day, right? Well, i've got a real life you know! I can't be spending all my time sorting through your emails now can I? If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

P.S By the way, this is only for people within West Malaysia. Don't worry, you don't have to pay for any shipping rates etc etc bla bla bla. Sorry to you peeps over in Sabah/Sarawak, but its kinda pricey to send stuff to you guys.