Liverpool can't pass for nuts

Yes, the team that pioneered that pass and move concept. The team that conquered all by out passing most other opponents. Yes, its a sham to see the new Liverpool.

I thought perhaps the last game against EPL game was a blip. Their passing there was average and lackluster. I expected a much better performance from Liverpool against Marseille.

I should have just watched the Valencia v Chelsea game.

Marseille totally outplayed Liverpool, at Anfield no less. Can't remember the last time Liverpool were outplayed by a lesser team. Not only that, Liverpool was happy to not even try to keep possesion. Did they ever string 3-4 consecutive passes in the Marseille half? Maybe on one or two occasions only.

Credit to Marseille though. They had a full uninterrupted 10 days to prepare for this game and the did their homework very well. Cisse and Zenden probably contributed with a lot of inside information as well.

Sissoko, geez, what an infuriating player. He played as the holding midfielder, but was completely useless. Above all, he constantly lost possession and never made a decent forward pass.

Remember my previous post when i said Liverpool aren't out of winning the EPL yet? Well, i take it back. In fact, i am going to take it back and further add insult and say Liverpool's not gonna win anything this season.

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