Liverpool in crisis? Oh dont be daft.

Its the common misconception that Liverpool are beginning to falter, after a promising start to the season. The commentators and columnist and every other know-it-all football critic have rained countless attacks against Rafa's rotation policy, pinpointing that as the reason for the current state of Liverpool FC.

All i can say, is don't be daft, especially you Steve McBacon a.k.a Macca of ESPN Star Sports here in Asia. He's a regular rotation policy basher.

Liverpool currently lie 4th in the table, 4 points adrift of leaders Arsenal but with a game in hand on the 2nd and 3rd place teams from Manchester. Thats wonderful news for any Liverpool fan. Liverpool are STILL unbeaten in the league, and have played more away games (4) and less home games (3) than the other top 3 teams. Those are the facts, and that still makes for pretty reading.

But i can just hear em knowitalls, screaming about the Derby game, of how Liverpool played vibrant attacking passing football that completely whitewashed the Rams. They probably argue about why Liverpool haven't played like that since, and how Rafa's rotation has broken the momentum.

Lets look at the facts now eh? Firstly, before the 6-0 thumping Liverpool gave to Derby, the Ram already got thumped 4-0 by Spurs. If thats not enough, Derby recently got thumped again 5-0 by Arsenal. Now, with all due respect to Derby, but they didnt' really make it that difficult for the top teams to THUMP them. I shall stop my debunking of the Derby 'argument', as its just baseless, and in the process , have drastically overused the word 'thumped'.

Anything thing which i find quite surprising, especially in light of last weeks 1-nil win against Wigan, is how Liverpool are always criticized when they play badly and win 1-0. If Chelsea or Man Yoo grind out a 1-nil win, its all about "the players really dug in and faught for the results" or "the team battled hard to get all 3 points"

But if Liverpool ever play badly and win a game....well, you know what happens next.

Personally, i'm not counting out Liverpool for the title. If they win their one game in hand, they will leapfrog the Manchester teams into second place, so plenty to play for, and its going to be a very intriguing season for Liverpool fans all over the world.

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