Liverpool stumble...AGAIN!

What a horrible performance from them. A team like Liverpool should be carving up teams like Besiktas with ease.

Liverpool were unlucky to go behind through another freak goal. And yet again, Sami Hyypia is credited with another own goal. He must be praying he doesn't make it a hattrick on Sunday against Arsenal.

Generally, i think Liverpool played much better than their last 2-3 games. They actually had 55%-60% of possesion, playing away from home. The only thing lacking was a final touch. Gerrard was trying too much, but again, was the only one looking threating. Babel had a good game.

The front 2 pairing of Kuyt and Voronin looked sparkless and unimaginative. There was lots of effort and running, but no real quality. I'm sure a lot will be made of the decision to only bring Crouch on for the last 10 minutes.

The Champions League door is almost slammed shut on Liverpool. And to think, Benitez was boldly claiming a few weeks back that they were aiming for a quick 12 points to get this first phase out of the way. Don't count you eggs before it hatches, eh Rafa?

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