AC Milan tries to deflect attention away from Dida

The reactions from AC Milan of the sentence handed out to themselves and Celtic is quite embarrasing.

AC Milan lawyer Leandro Cantamessa said: 'The impact of the sentence is disproportionate and illogical. I have no issue with Celtic but I am only trying to establish a sense of proportion - one is the event, the other is only the effect of the event.'

What an imbecile. Why can't these damn people just shut their traps and try to handle the situation with grace? Right now, all these actions just give me the impression that they are backing up their goalkeeper, Dida, and basically just trying to deflect as much media attention away from him.

Thats totally understandable, as being a team means sticking up for everyone of your players, and never criticizing them in public. Being a team means everyone has to fight for each other, through bad and good. Its like a marriage, but a marriage of 11 men and their manager (could be 20-30 if you include the backroom staff and reserves).

However, by defending a 'criminal', they have all therefore been associated as 'criminals'. They might not mind that, but what i do mind is the fact that they are not even trying to accept and apologize for their players pathetic behaviour. No one is trying to do the right thing and say Dida was wrong to cheat and cheating of any kind in a sport, especially football..should be outlawed and offenders seriously punished.

No my friends, all they only want to say is,' Why is my punishment bigger than your punishment? Yours must be bigger!'

AC Milan, Just quit whining, suck it up and say you're sorry damnit! Geez...

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