Mark Clattenburg, you da man!

Phew! What a weekend of EPL action! The pick of the bunch was the London derby, Tottenham vs Arsenal. It was an interesting battle, from every which way and angle you look at it. On one side, you had Martin Jol, his days at Spurs apparently numbered, and would a relieved man if he could knick all 3 points against their bitter rivals. Then there's the English vs Foreign Legion debate, with Tottenham the English team, comprised of a lot of top, young English players versus Arsenals skillful (and just as young) foreign stars.

Adebayor doing well to impersonate Thierry Henry

At the end of it all, we didn't really experience anything new. Arsenal whooped their rivals again, but after having to endure some pretty luckless Tottenham finishing. Adebayor and Fabregas are fast becoming stars. And yet again, Tottenham are shown to be a team with a soft belly. They do a lot of things right, but lack any real killer instinct and winning desire. Oh, did i mention that Arsenal are now sitting pretty at the top of the pile?

You go girl!

However, the Man Of The Match should be awarded to referee Mark Clatternburg. He made top notch decisions throughout the game and can't be faulted for anything. There was a 'flow' to the game, as it swung from one end to the other. Wonderful to watch!

Referees these days always get criticized for their mistakes, but sometimes, we have to stand up and give praise and acknowledge when they've had a good game. So, kudos to you Mr.Ref! Just don't f*** up the next game.

Interestingly though, a Cardiff fan thought Mr.Clattenburg should NEVER ever refereee again albeit about 7 months back.

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