Want to be great? Then learn from the Great Zizou

They don't get any greater than Zinedine Yazid Zidane a.k.a Zizou. I find it ironic that he has such an exotic name, to match his sumblime exotic skills. I guess he was born to play the beautiful game.

The big man himself

Mum's and Dad's, if you have kids that have ambitions of becoming great football players, then show them everything you can find about the great players, like the clip below. No doubt, just watching alone won't make them overnight sensations, but it will inspire them. I can watch this over and over again. I wished my parents showed me stuff like this when i was young.

There isn't anything left to say about ZZ, that hasn't already been said about million times over, but i'll say it anyway. ZZ was a joy to watch, able to ghost past opponents with ease and spray delightful passes around the pitch. Couple that with his ability to score goals and you can begin to understand what made him such a great player.

P.S Just don't show them the headbutt video :)

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