Who said girls can't play football? (mad skillz!)

These girls have amazing skills, skills i'd love to have! I've seen a few women football matches, albeit not the whole 90 min, but just 15-20 minutes, but i've been very impressed. One aspect which i've really been impressed with is their shooting. I've had this mentallity before that women players can't shoot for nuts, but after watching the Germans, i must confess, i wouldn't wanna be hit by their shots. I'd like to see more women footy on TV. Astro, you listening?

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Geaux Web Designs said...

Women certainly can and do play real tackle football. There are women’s leagues that provide a place for women to play football. The women’s season is off-season for the men’s teams, so women play in the heat of the spring and summer which means that more endurance and stamina is required than for their male counterparts. Women play with just as much enthusiasm and vigor as men, and their sport is up and coming. I guarantee this is not the last you’ve heard of women’s tackle football. There is still a lot more to come!