Celtic suspended, Dida suspended for overacting

Celtic have been fined £25,000 and Dida the 'over actor' suspended for 2 games. I think Milan and their Oscar nominee got off lightly.

Celtic won't mind the fine, as it was their inability to control the security of the stadium resulted in one fan running around amok during last weeks Champions league game. It was this very fan than ran amok, and appear to give Dida a 'sniper' slap.

A sniper slap is one of those rare forms of fan based slap attacks that only begin to affect the victim after about 5-6 seconds.

Don't know what i'm talking about? Missed the whole incident? Well then, thank your lucky stars for YouTube baby!

Dida, the Brazillian overactor

Sometimes i wonder, are footballers a moronic bunch? Don't they know that their every move during a game is scrutinized by media from almost every angle. Nowdays, there isn't a single blade of grass that isn't covered by camera. If i was Dida, i know i'd feel like a moron. I'd also feel very lucky that UEFA didn't make a bigger effort to clamp down on other moronic behaviour by fellow players (e.g. diving, faking, grabbing other players balls during corner kicks) by making an example out of me.

I wish i was a friend of Dida though. I know in this kind of situation, he will need friends like me. Friends that will continue to laugh, mock and taunt him for his stupidity.

Ah, 'footebol', tis why we love thee.

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